EHC-D Tour of The Center – Day 1

EHC-D Tour of the Center – Day 1
What makes the Environmental Health Center special?
Our medical program reflects the principle that each patient is unique. We recognize that one individual’s environmental exposures and resulting symptoms can be different from that of another person. Through careful evaluation, analyzing environmental, biochemical, and nutritional factors, we create an individualized treatment program for each patient aimed at achieving the goal of optimal health. During this process, each patient is encouraged to participate by contributing, self –observations, pertinent medical laboratory findings, and personal insights.
Before you enter the building remember to shut off your cell phone!! Welcome to the main reception area at the clinic suite 220. This is where your arrive to check in for testing and appointment and then make your payments before you leave for the day. You will sign in and sign out at the glassed-in area.


Enjoy the wait for your appointments or for other patients on the solid hard wood furniture. Hand laid tile floors and porcelain walls are environmental features found throughout the clinic.
When you sign in on your first day at the clinic your schedule might include:

Day One begins with your meeting with the new patient coordinator who will discuss with you:

  • Your completed “New Patient Packet” forms
  • Your medical history and copies of your medical files.
  • Answer your questions
  • Give you a floor plan of the Center and a tour which will include the sauna, IV ,and testing areas.
  • Take you directly to the doctor for your scheduled appointment.
    Appointment with the physician will include an initial history, physical, and consultation.
    Return to the Patient Coordinator

    Day One Objectives

    • Discussion of your individualized treatment plan with the new patient coordinator.
    • Understand this treatment plan as it correlates with your symptoms, their causes, and your recovery.
    • Understand the importance of your appointment schedule and its inclusion of skin testing, lab analyses, diagnostic tests, nutrition, and education.
    • Familiarize yourself with the different areas of the clinic and the different resources available to you including the American Environmental Health Foundation.
    • Discuss with the coordinator the lab work ordered by the physician.
      Lab work scheduled by the physician. Express any financial concerns or financial limitations. Express any time limitations. Have the lab drawn. Understand the importance of the lab work and its relationship to your disease process and recovery. ( Note: All patients are required to have recent lab tests, including HIV and Hepatitis, to evaluate the immune system, and your symptom response to treatment.)
    • Read the patient Outpatient Manual and other materials presented to you by the coordinator.
    • Sign out at the front desk as you will do each day.
    • Remember to sign in Day 2.
    • Familiarize yourself with the resources available in the Center at the store (American Environmental Health Foundation).
    • Read the patient workbook and manual given to you by the Patient Coordinator.
    • Formulate questions for the physician and other staff members.


    Get to know all the environmentally healthy products available at the American Environmental Health Foundation which is in the same area as the clinic.

    Try the selection of glass bottled spring water, browse through the organic food choices, healthy bedding, and comfortable clothing selections, safe household cleaning products, books to buy, air filters, the selection of personal hygiene products and check our all the many nutritional supplements.

    Become a member of the Foundation and receive a 10% discount on most items.

    Sign out at the front desk.

    On to Day 2.