A Valuable Secret Weapon
Reliable, Tested, Effective

What is this reliable and effective therapy which is available at the Environmental Health Center?
It is an Auto Vaccine.

What is an autovaccine?
It is a vaccine made from a culture taken from specific areas of the body.
This culture can contain disease causing pathogens.
This vaccine is made in accordance with strict clinical requirements and conditions of sterility.
The vaccine contains pathogen as a treatment.
The treatment is a small injection given on a rotary basis over several months until the disease-causing organism is destroyed by the person’s own immune system.

How does the EHCD use them?
We use them for treatment in many areas of infection, such as bowel, ear, sinus, lung, and genitourinary.

Why does the center use them?
Today, autovaccines are used extensively and effectively in treating animals. They were used extensively in the 1920s to treat many types of infection. This included their use in the treatment of abscesses and boils.

EHCD uses autovaccines to treat pathogens found in several areas of the body. We use them to treat yeast infections, fungal infections, bacterial infections, and other pathogens found in all areas and orifices of the body.

What are their advantages?
They are very specific in their treatment of the pathogen in the individual.
They activate the immune response.
Their use reduces the production of pathogens in the body.
Treatment is directed at bacteria resistant to antibiotics and other medications.
Treatment is complete:
because it is directed at every organism in the culture regardless of its appearance having been
documented in the laboratory findings because an antibiotic treatment could be ineffective against a
certain organism.
Autovaccines improve the judicious use of antibiotics or pharmaceutical medications.
Allergic responses to antibiotics or antifungals are minimized.
Autovaccine therapy can be a more thorough and comprehensive treatment.
Autovaccine therapy is you helping to heal you.

THE EHCD offers you one more tool in the fight against disease causing organisms which are blocking your path to health.

Let EHCD use all the tools available to create your optimal health.

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