Dr. William J Rea Reviews

After having 37 different local doctors involved in my medical condition, and was, by them, given only 2 months to live, Dr. Rea at the Environmental Health Center evaluated my case. After following his recommendations, I am still alive and kicking some 15 years later. He and his staff are by no means mainstream. That, and only that, saved my life. Thank you to everyone involved.
~ JH in TN

I have been a patient at the EHC for over 3 years and have gone from being completely unable to function normally because of allergies, environmental & chemical sensitivities, hormonal imbalances, and neurological toxicity to being 100% ‘normal’ and extremely fit and healthy. I cannot express how grateful I am that this healing place exists – they do not treat symptoms like the traditional medical world, but instead they find the root cause of your symptoms and heal you from the root cause. The knowledge and holistic view of the body and its environment that Dr. Rea and his staff have is unmatched in the world. That is why you will see people from every continent at the clinic. It is without a doubt the best place to heal anywhere.
~VK in TX

I came 1000 miles to be under the care of Dr. Rea. There are patients, including several physicians, here from all over the country and even from several other countries, because Dr. Rea is the authority on environmental illness. I have enormous respect for him and appreciate his treatment very much.

His clinic is staffed with many excellent people in various capacities. Except on rare occasions when another physician is covering on a weekend or holiday, Dr. Rea sees every patient himself.
~KD in TX

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