EMF and Cell Phones

We spend lots of money on health care. We try and eat the most nutritious foods. We want to drink pure water. We go to the health club. We take supplements. Yet we can endanger the positive effects of these good health practices by poor choices we make in regard to the use and placement of electrical devices in home and on our person.

There are lots of ways we are exposed to EMF in the home. Due to some research linking EMF with illness, we want to be prudent in locating kitchen appliances and in the use of cell phones.

What is EMF? Electromagnetic energy is energy from a magnetic field that is produced by the motion of electric charges such as electric current. It is generated by electric cook tops, televisions, microwaves, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, lights, cell phones, cars, toaster ovens, and many other electric appliances.

Remember distance reduces the effect of powerful current. The strength of the voltage determines the distance of the field of influence. For example, a cross country system of power lines totaling 765,000 volts can have a magnetic field extending 2500 feet and 115,000 volts can have one extending 400 feet.

There is always the existence of some man-made electric fields. Our homes are full of electric appliances. They make our life more fun and more pleasant. They help us. And we are electric beings. We are a composite of electromagnetic energy. Our bodies are made of many minerals which carry an electric charge. Our bodies function as dynamic electrical circuits. Cells are constantly transmitting and receiving energy while going about the biochemical processes necessary to sustain life. Each cell has a frequency range in which it operates.

Studies have shown that electromagnetic energy from sources in the home and out can alter the metabolism of the nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, hematological, and reproductive systems. How you respond depends on your genetic predisposition and physiological history which can include a toxic body burden.

Therefore, it is important to choose and use electric appliances wisely. Appliances can vary in the strength of the electromagnetic fields they generate. The time you spend in their electric and magnetic field while using them is significant. The number of devices you use at one time is significant. Where they are located in a room is important.

You have choices to make, choices which can affect your body’s health.
Here are a few pointers to help you. Watch this site.
Purchase a TriField meter so you can measure the field in which you are sitting or sleeping.
Do not position yourself directly in front of the microwave while it is in use.

Cell phones also emit and use radio high frequency energy for operation. The energy produced by the iPhone can significantly affect the area of the brain near its operation.
iPhones have different SARs. Which are some of the safest iPhones to use?
Does a Blue Tooth give you more protection when talking on your cell phone?

Where do I go for answers? – Cellphones and EMF Answers

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