Tour of EHC-D Intro

What You Can Expect in a Week at the EHC-D – Intro
There is so much information and support available to you here at the Center. Our tour offers just a brief look at the basics of how our program is scheduled, with doctor’s appointments, lab work, testing, nutrition counseling, chemical therapy, physical therapy, and other supportive therapies. To complete testing and utilize the services we have available in five days is possible for some but may require a longer visit for most individuals. We welcome your interest in the clinic’s work, and look forward to extending our help and support in your healing process with our comprehensive services and programs.
Environmental Health Center-Dallas.
8345 Walnut Hill Lane
Dallas, Texas

Picture shows front of building. Clinic is on 2nd floor. Elevator/stairs
EHC-D is one of the premier medical facilities in the world utilizing a less-polluted environment for patient evaluation, testing and treatment. Our goal is to help our patients achieve optimal health through accurate diagnosis, effective non-toxic treatment, and aggressive prevention.


This innovative medical clinic is staffed by a team of physicians, scientists, nutritionists and health professionals. We are devoted to providing quality medical care with a special emphasis on exploring the impact of environmental factors on health and disease.

The Environmental Health Center- Dallas was founded in 1974 at its present location by Dr. William J. Rea, a cardiovascular surgeon and a pioneer in the area of Environmental and Nutritional Medicine. With more than 40 combined years of experience treating environmentally triggered illness, physicians at this facility have seen more than 40,000 environmentally damaged patients.

Located in north-central Dallas, the Center’s offices have been designed to eliminate all of the obvious sources of offending substances. Furniture made from non- toxic natural materials, porcelain steel walls, tile floors, full-spectrum lighting and specially filtered water and ventilation systems are but a few of the features which make it one of the best-equipped environmental health facilities in the world.

In this environmentally less polluted setting, our physicians offer a complete diagnostic medical program which specializes in identifying the direct relationship between environment and disease. As we tour the clinic let’s follow a recommended weekly schedule for patient treatment.

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