Metal Sensitivity

Metal is used in several places in the human body.  It is used in the mouth in implant materials, filling materials, braces, and jaw implants.  It is used in surgery to secure bones.  It is used in joint replacements.

Knowledge important to your health is your sensitivity response to the metal to be placed into your body.  The choice of the correct metal is important to the success of the procedure and your continued state of well being.

There are tests to determine your sensitivity response to metal.  There are blood tests available to access your sensitivity to metals.  These blood tests do provide information regarding your sensitivity response, and they do serve as a guide to your sensitivity.

However, the most reliable test to determine metal sensitivity is the skin test offered by the

Environmental Health Center-Dallas.  Your sensitivity response to individual metals is determined by intradermal testing.  Results are immediate, and you will be able to make an accurate evaluation of your sensitivity to each metal tested.  You will have accurate information to guide you and your physician in the choice of the correct metal for your needs.  Antigen treatment can be arranged if the metal is already present in your body and seems to be correlated with symptom response.

Metal sensitivity is an important health issue.  Let the Environmental Health Center-Dallas assist you in selecting the correct metal for you.