Mold in Bachman Lake Area

Several housing complexes in the Dallas Bachman Lake area are receiving residents’ complaints regarding mold in various areas of their apartments. Many of the residents of these apartments, especially the children, are experiencing breathing problems.

Apartment management has not responded adequately or in a timely manner to these complaints. Physicians have supplied letters to the complexes stating that health issues of residents could be related to the mold in their homes.

Dallas Area Interfaith and the Lumin Education Program have organized inspections of several apartments. One physician in the Dallas Interfaith group noted that every household that he visited reported breathing issues which related to environmental factors.

The EHC-D can assist you in determining if your health issues are related to mold and mycotoxin exposure. If so, we can successfully treat you while reducing your symptoms. We can also assist you in remediation of your belongings.

In many instances, belongings must be cleaned in special solutions before moving from a mold environment into another home.

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