Ozone therapy at EHCD

Why should I consider ozone therapy?
Ozone therapy increases the activity of antioxidant enzymes.
It trains our cells to be able to withstand damaging antioxidant stress.
It can be used to combat chronic oxidative stress by subjecting the human body
to repeated transient and antioxidant activating stress.
It has a hermetic effect because small doses are good and stimulating and large doses can be damaging.

Ozone therapy can treat infection from:
Ozone therapy can stimulate the immune system and treat some breathing disorders

Ozone treatments offered by EHCD
Ear/Nose insufflation
Rectal insufflation
Vaginal insufflation
Intramuscular therapy
UV light and IV therapy
Limb bagging

Why should I choose EHCD to provide ozone therapy?
Medical staff is expertly trained in the use, benefits and adverse effects of ozone therapy.
Medical staff is present during the entirety of ozone treatment.
The patient and the physician decide if ozone therapy is the correct treatment at this time.
The patient can be skin tested for sensitivity to ozone.
Ozone is directed to the area of greatest need.
Lab analysis provides vital info on organ function and the general health of patient
Lab analysis provides information on target area of ozone.
The dose of the ozone treatment and the method of administration are closely supervised to meet the specific needs and sensitivities of the patient while maintaining the safety of its use.
Lab analysis can identify organisms and viruses so improvement can be monitored.
The goal of the treatment is carefully determined and treatment progress is assessed through lab analyses and patient symptomatology.
Air purification is used to remove any ozone emitted into the air.

The expertise and training of the physicians and staff, the individualized attention given each patient, and the environmental controls used in the office make EHCD the proper choice for your health care options.

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