Physical Therapy Musculoskeletal Program

Physical Therapy Musculoskeletal Program

The Environmental Health Center-Dallas’ Physical Therapy Program offers an individualized treatment and exercise program with a full range of equipment and therapies. Our hands-on approach begins with an evaluation followed by treatment of the specific problem. Our therapist then teaches you how to care for yourself by prescribing exercises designed to strengthen and protect your body from recurring injury. Your physician is kept informed of your progress throughout the treatment period.The following lists therapeutic services available through the EHC-D Physical Therapy Program.

Therapeutic Services

Myofascial Release
The gentle manual stretching of muscles and connective tissue to release and eliminate fascial restrictions resulting from injury or prolonged poor posture.

Cranio-sacral Therapy
A gentle technique to mobilize and realign the cranial bones, spine, and sacrum when head and neck injuries have forced the cranial bones out of alignment.

Muscle Energy Techniques
A gentle isometric contraction used in a specific position to realign the spinal segments and sacrum.

McKenzie Mechanical Evaluation
A protocol for disc protrusion that evaluates the spinal structure followed by a mechanical approach emphasizing posture correction and an exercise program to mechanically reduce the protrusion.

Electrical Stimulation with Acuscope and Myopulse
Microamperage computer-assisted device to reduce edema (swelling) and pain, and recruit muscle fibers to increase strength in the involved areas.

Relaxation technique to reduce stress and neuromuscular tension by developing control of the involuntary nervous system.

Increases circulation, reduces muscle tension and stress, restores movement and alignment of the spine.

Lymphatic Massage
Designed to improve metabolism by accelerating the flow of lymph thus helping to eliminate toxins.

Application of pressure on appropriate acupuncture points to reduce pain and increase muscle relaxation.

Somato-Emotional Release
A technique to relieve traumatic pain from the tissues.

Microelectric Massage
The process for deep muscle massage for chronic back and neck pain.

Physical Exercise Services

Stretching, Strengthening, Reconditioning
Individually designed patterning techniques used to recruit muscle strength and coordination.

Work Reconditioning
Individually designed exercises to reduce the possibility of further injury in the workplace.

Spinal Stabilization Program
Evaluation and diagnosis for trunk instability usually resulting from lower spine injury, disc herniation. Patient is taught abdominal and hip extension strengthening exercises and taught to move and function in neutral spine.

Strain Counter-Strain
Pain-free techniques which relieve tension from muscles around the joints by slowly moving through the range of motion and teaching the patient to maintain this range.

Visceral Mobilization
Working with patients with digestive disorders to normalize function.

Back School
Teaching patients proper posture both sitting and standing, teaching proper lifting and moving techniques as applicable in their workplace. Discuss ergonomics in the workplace to reduce body stress and recurrent injuries.

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