Treatment for POLLEN allergies

The Environmental Health Center has the most complete and accurate treatment for POLLEN allergies.

This is an important statement for those who suffer sneezing, itchy eyes, scratchy throat and multiple infections.  

Allergies to weeds, trees and grass are skin tested and treated by using intradermal provocative neutralization.  This method utilizes a skin testing technique which is 90% accurate. The growth of the injected allergen under the top layer of skin on the arm forms a small circle (wheal).  This circle or wheal is monitored for growth response every 10 minutes. At the end of each 10 minute interval if skin growth occurs, the allergen’s strength is reduced. This process of reading the skin response of weaker and weaker injected dilutions continues until the circle or wheal shows no growth.  During this process skin testing results are combined with symptom response in obtaining the complete treatment dose. Thus the immune response of the skin and the symptom response of the person to the allergen are combined into one thorough and complete treatment dose.

We also treat the total allergic potential of some trees and plants.  Trees and plants can produce terpenes. These terpenes are organic compounds of carbon and hydrogen, oxygen or nitrogen.   For some sensitive sufferers this terpene odor causes severe allergic problems. At the Environmental Health Center we test and treat 13 of these organic compounds using intradermal provocative neutralization.  This provides the pollen allergy sufferer with added protection and coverage to reduce symptom response.

Frequently pollen counts of specific trees or weeds become very high.  The allergy sufferer experiences increased symptoms. At this time the person has the option of using an individual neutralizing treatment dose for the particular tree or plant.

These allergy treatment injections are administered by the individual as they represent a treatment dose to which the person had no skin or symptoms response.  Therefore the dose should present no risk.

The Environmental Health Center offers safe, complete, thorough and accurate treatment of pollen allergies.  Treatment doses are self-administered with the convenience of preferred timing and the benefit of using an additional neutralizing dose when symptoms indicate a need.    

Choose the Best.  Choose EHCD!!