Water Quality Crisis in Flint, MI

Flint, Michigan has experienced a water quality disaster. Lead is present in the city’s drinking water, and higher than average levels of lead are being found in children’s blood.

Last year in Durango, CO an EPA subcontractor broke a berm and released millions of gallons of toxic waste into the 126 mile-long Animas river which flows through the western United States and is part of the Colorado river system.

Two years ago a tank leak from a coal processing plant in W. VA discharged tens of thousands of gallons of chemical waste into the Eagle river

These accidents contaminate drinking water in America on a regular basis. The presence of toxic contaminants which are within the Federal Allowable Concentration Levels does not mean the water is healthy to drink. The purity of your drinking water should not be taken for granted. Information on your water quality can be found on the Internet by typing in your town, state – Water Quality Report. Contaminants and levels will be listed.

We can help!

You can test your drinking water for contaminants by contacting the American Environmental Health Foundation for a water quality testing kit.

The American Environmental Health Foundation and the Environmental Health Center-Dallas can provide information regarding the type of water filtration system required by your water supply.

The Environmental Health Center-Dallas can perform blood and urine analyses to detect dangerous chemical and metals present in your body.

The Environmental Health Center-Dallas can remove the contaminants from your muscles, fatty tissue, organs, and brain.

Do Not take the risk of drinking water contamination affecting your health.

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