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The Environmental Health Center-Dallas recognizes and shares in the tragedy presented by the recent hurricanes of 2017.

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Pollen Information - Dallas, TX

Date: Sunday February 25th, 2018
Pollen Count: 282
Allergens: Leptosphaeria - 17 Pleospora - 6 Venturia - 6 Unidentifiable spores/species hyphal fragment material - 242 Elm - 11

SNIF Line: 214-373-SNIF

The Environmental Health Center – Dallas (EHC-D) is a medical facility whose emphasis is the relationship of health and disease to environmental factors.  EHC-D is unique both in its construction and in its approach to health and disease. Diagnosis and treatment is directed at determining the cause of the illness. Through thorough investigation a determination is made of the correlation of the patient’s disease process to environmental factors. Our mission is to provide in depth effective medical care and education which treats the cause of illness and enables the patient to understand and become pro active in the healing process. We pledge to provide these services with the same understanding and sympathy which we expect from our health care provider.

EHC-D is a leader in the field treating:

Solve the Health Formula

EHCD + Hi/PST+ Cl = Ca + Tr > IH + R

The Environmental Health Center-Dallas functions as a detective using exposure and symptom history, diagnostic procedures and skin testing results, and clues provided by lab findings to determine the cause and the treatment. This formula yields improved health and recovery.

The Environmental Health Center-Dallas believes the solution to joint pain, headaches, muscle aches, irritable bowel, cardiac arrhythmias, and many other symptoms is found in discovering the cause, treating the cause, and eliminating the cause. This leads to symptom reduction and paves the road to recovery.


Dr. William J. Rea