Intradermal Provocative Neutralization

Intradermal Provocative Neutralization (Skin Testing)

What is intradermal provocative neutralization?

It is the most accurate form of skin testing. This skin testing is performed with a preservative free antigen on the upper arm between the top layers of skin. A specific amount of antigen (.05cc) is injected with a small needle between the layers of the skin to form a round circle called a wheal. This wheal is monitored and measured for growth every 10 minutes. If growth is observed, then a dilution which is 5 times weaker is injected beside the first wheal between the layers of the skin. This process continues every 10 minutes until there is no skin reaction or wheal growth and no symptom response.

This negative skin and symptom response is the treatment dose. Your sensitivity to a particular substance is know immediately and therapy can begin immediately. This treatment dose containing only antigen and normal saline is taken every 4 days all year. The administration of the treatment dose provides desensitization to the particular incitant and symptom relief. The inhalant is self-administered and is kept in the freezer and thawed before each use. Therapy may continue for a year, 18 months or longer until it is no longer needed. The dosage is never changed unless the patient retests the antigen. Many find this therapy to be the best tolerated and most effective method of sensitivity evaluation and treatment of molds, pollens, dust mites, chemicals, metals, plastics, and foods.

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