EHC-D Detailed Patient Services

Detailed Patient Services

During almost 40 years, the Environmental Health Center – Dallas has grown substantially as we have sought to provide the most advanced and effective patient care, testing, and treatment to our patients. We are pleased to currently offer a wide range of services.

Diagnostic Testing

Skin Testing
We offer an extensive range of tests for sensitivities to pollens, molds, dust, danders, foods and chemicals. Preservative-free standard and customized antigens are used. Learn more about EHC-D skin testing…

Laboratory Tests/Services
A wide range of tests include:

  • General health survey blood tests
  • Blood Gas Analysis to measure oxygen level in venous blood specimens (or arterial blood) to help choose the right treatment
  • Immune assessment, including T&B lymphocyte panels and immunoglobulins
  • Vitamin, mineral, amino acid analyses
  • Pesticide and other chemical analyses

Special Tests Include:

  • Postural sway (balance) test for evaluation of ascending (proprioceptive) tracts, vestibular division 8th cranial nerve, cerebellum, vision, visual integrative and descending motor tracts
  • Thermography is performed in order to analyze abnormal temperature patterns in the body that may indicate the presence of a disease process
  • Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Testing to verify that such information has been reviewed by the patient with full understanding
  • Lung function testing for occupational asthma
  • Mold testing kits for the home or office

Our department offers a complete nutritional assessment from a registered and licensed EHC-D clinical nutritionist specifically educated in optimum less-polluted nutrition.

Learn about EHC-D Treatment Modalities

IV Nutrition
Infusions of IV nutrients are very popular these days. However, many of the ingredients in these IVs contain alcohol, preservatives, and heavy metal contaminants like aluminum. Here at the Environmental Health Center - Dallas, we take great strides to ensure that our patients are treated with only the highest quality contaminant free ingredients. We also have a chemically free environment with no scents and use air filtration in our facility.

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