EHC-D Detailed Patient Services

Detailed Patient Services

During almost 40 years, the Environmental Health Center – Dallas has grown substantially as we have sought to provide the most advanced and effective patient care, testing, and treatment to our patients. We are pleased to currently offer a wide range of services.

Diagnostic Testing

Skin Testing
We offer an extensive range of tests for sensitivities to pollens, molds, dust, danders, foods and chemicals. Preservative-free standard and customized antigens are used. Learn more about EHC-D skin testing…

Laboratory Tests/Services
A wide range of tests include:

  • General health survey blood tests
  • Blood Gas Analysis to measure oxygen level in venous blood specimens (or arterial blood) to help choose the right treatment
  • Immune assessment, including T&B lymphocyte panels and immunoglobulins
  • Vitamin, mineral, amino acid analyses
  • Pesticide and other chemical analyses

Special Tests Include:

  • Postural sway (balance) test for evaluation of ascending (proprioceptive) tracts, vestibular division 8th cranial nerve, cerebellum, vision, visual integrative and descending motor tracts
  • Thermography is performed in order to analyze abnormal temperature patterns in the body that may indicate the presence of a disease process
  • Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Testing to verify that such information has been reviewed by the patient with full understanding
  • Lung function testing for occupational asthma
  • Mold testing kits for the home or office

Our department offers a complete nutritional assessment from a registered and licensed EHC-D clinical nutritionist specifically educated in optimum less-polluted nutrition.

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