EHC-D Home and Commercial Building Services

Home and Commercial Building Services

The EHC-D, a pioneer in developing less-polluted materials for buildings, has worked diligently since our founding to educate clients and the public about the benefits of a healthy indoor environment. We are pleased to be a world leader in less-toxic home and commercial building evaluation, as we have reviewed and remodeled buildings in North America, Europe, and Asia. Our services include:

  • on-site inspection
  • air analysis for toxics
  • air analysis for particulates
  • air analysis for biological

We also make recommendations for and supervise remodeling and new construction projects.

As a reference, see Dr. Rea’s book information below.

Designing and Building a Healthy Home or Office

Optimum Environments for Optimum Health & Creativity:
Designing and Building a Healthy Home or Office
Published: December 2002

Preface from Book
Introduction from Book
Environmentally safe products are available at the EHC-D Store and can be obtained from the Front Desk, Ste. 220 or by calling 214-373-5161.

  • book size: 8 1/2 X 11, 350 pages
  • chapters: 13
  • colored photos: 225
  • building illustrations: 85
  • data images and tables: 60
  • references

A valuable resource full of pictures, building illustrations, and environmental research data for anyone who wants to design and build a healthy home, office or creative work space.

Contains research data, medical treatment, and building experience conducted by Dr. William J. Rea and his patients over the last 30 years at the medical treatment facility – Environmental Health Center-Dallas, Texas.

Chapters include information and building guidance for: identification of less polluted materials; outdoor air/ location; foundation and basement; exterior, framing, roofing, insulation and electrical wiring; garages, outside storage rooms, and workshops; light and color; thermal comfort; indoor air quality and air pollution; interior construction; heating, cooling and ventilation; water; sauna, physical therapy and massage; and a homebuyers/renters checklist.

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