Successful Treatment

Successful Treatment Begins with Successful Diagnosis

The Environmental Health Center – Dallas is a complete testing and treatment medical facility for adults and children.

Understanding the 6 principles of total body overload and how the body responds to environmental factors is an important part of each patient’s treatment. Below is Dr. Rea’s barrel image, representing the body. Listed are some of the physical, chemical, and biological factors and stressors that can contribute to the total body load.

The EHC-D is known as one of the oldest and most innovative clinics for the treatment of chronic diseases. We combine the best by blending complementary medicine with state of the art in standard medicine. It’s the best of both worlds!

Diagnostic tools include:

      Blood, urine, adipose tissue for xenobiotics: pesticides – organophosphates, organochlorides, – solvents, aromatic volatile hydrocarbons, ketones, aldehydes and metabolites, mold and mycotoxins, polychlorinated biphenyls, pentachlorophenol, pyrethroid metabolites, heavy metals, and chlorophenoxy herbicides; Breath Air Analysis for volatile organic compounds derived from the blood by passive diffusion across pulmonary alveolar membrane.
    • SAUNA & DETOX:
      This outpatient means of treating toxic exposures is a six-day-per-week, physician-supervised program consisting of dry heat, exercise, massage, vitamin and mineral replacement, administration of xenobiotic binding substances and monitoring of toxin levels in blood and/or fat tissue.
      A specialized type of vaccine treatment, which can provide substantial relief from offending agents. During the skin testing process, exact treatment level, or “optimal dosage,” of each substance is established for the patient.
      To do this successfully, our patients are educated about their sensitivities and actively involved in carrying out their prescribed treatment plans.
      Based on the testing and evaluation process, the Center’s physicians determine an individualized therapy program for each patient. Elimination or rotation diets, intelligent avoidance of incitants, nutritional supplementation, osteopathic manipulation and immunotherapy are some of the procedures often recommended.
      Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Fatty Acids
    • SURGERY:
      Antibiotics, Medications, Anesthetics
      Cataract, Joint Replacement, Breast, Dental
      Based on varying types of fillings and dental processes over the last several decades
    • BRT (Bio-cybernetic Regulation Technology): The BRT (Bio Regulation Therapy) is a method developing its therapeutic effects through the resonance of signals governing the biochemical processes within the organism. The BRT employs low intensity electromagnetic waves. These develop their effects via interference interaction between the controlling signals of the organism and signals of an on-going program of the operating device altering the interference patterns of the same and triggering the adaptation processes.
    • AUTOGENOUS LYMPHOCYTIC VACCINE (ALF): Autogenous lymphocytic factor is an immune modulator which is created from your very own T-lymphocytes. It is a mixture of effector substances which are released from your own stimulated healthy T-lymphocytes. 
      Isolation and identification of micro organisms related to illnesses
      Preparation and treatment with a vaccine from these micro organisms
      Hematological analyses
      Isolation and enumeration of molds from different environmental areas

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