Why is the Center unique.

Why is the Environmental Health Center-Dallas unique.

It is unique in its CONSTRUCTION. Tile floors and walls create an allergy free atmosphere. HEPA and charcoal air purification clean the air of particulates and chemicals. Furnishings are of organic materials or hardwood and metal which eliminate the volatilizing of chemicals.

It is unique in its FOCUS. We strive to treat the whole person. We investigate all stressors affecting the person at home, school , work, and at play. The Environmental Health Center-Dallas considers all social, emotional, and physical and environmental stressors. In order to understand the person’s illness, the clinic must understand and evaluate the issues affecting the total health of each individual person.

The Environmental Health Center-Dallas is unique in its TREATMENT of each patient. The treatment of a patient at the clinic is directed at the cause of the illness or symptom. The symptom is not treated without regard to its cause or origin. To achieve this we perform lab analyses to provide information as to possible causes of signs and symptoms of the individual’s illness.

To discover the cause of the signs and symptoms we can utilize these analyses:

  • Venous and Arterial blood gases
  • ECG (Electrocardiogram)
  • DIT
  • T and B Lymphocyte Panel
  • ANA
  • Immunoglobulins
  • IgG subsets
  • Total Complements
  • Complements C3 and C4
  • Red Blood Cell Mineral Analysis
  • Hair Mineral Analysis
  • Volatile Organic Chemical Panels
  • Chlorinated Pesticide Panel
  • Organix Test
  • GI Function
  • Urine mycotoxins
  • Thyroid Panel 
  • Any other tests as dictated by the patient’s symptoms.
  • EMF Sensitivity testing

The treatment is directed at the problems identified through familiarity with the patient history and by the lab analyses in combination with the signs and symptoms presented by the patient.

The Environmental Health Center-Dallas is unique in that it creates its own preservative free antigens in a sterile clinical laboratory setting. Because of this we can determine sensitivities to a wide range of substances which are important to continued good health. The Center can skin test, determine sensitivity to and develop treatment for that sensitivity if necessary.

Substances for which sensitivity and treatment can be established through skin testing are:

Foods, pollens, molds, dust, mites, smuts, terpenes, materials such as cotton, silk, wool, chemicals, hormones, neurotransmitters, intestinal peptides, mycotoxins, hormones and any medications.

Cataract lenses
  • methacrylate
  • silicon
  • acrylic

Implant materials
  • polyproplylene mesh
  • titanium
  • stainless steel
  • cobalt
  • many alloys
  • silicon

Dental materials
  • porcelain
  • composites
  • gold
  • platinum

  • sutures
  • anesthetics
  • antibiotics

Medications – any.
Treatments include:

  • Autogenous Lymphocytic Factor for Immune Dysregulation.
  • Metal Chelation and Chemical Deep Heat Chamber Depuration for Toxic Encephalopathy and Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction.
  • Antigen Therapy for sensitivities to foods, pollens, molds, dust, dust mites, and chemicals manifested as eczema, hives, irritable bowel, ADD, muscle and joint pain, fatigue, respiratory distress and asthma.
  • Oxygen Therapy for Elevated Venous Blood Gas and deficiency in arterial blood gas.
  • Nutritional therapy and guidance for digestive problems and disorders.

The Environmental Health Center-Dallas can create autogenous vaccines from body orifices to correct imbalances in flora in those areas.

The Center understands that your home and work environment must be accommodating to your sensitivities if healing is to occur. Experienced educators are available to guide you in the creation of an environment which is conducive to your healing needs.

The EHC-D Store provides environmentally safe products and nutritional supplements to assist you on your road to recovery.

If you want to find the cause of your illness, treat the cause, and initiate a road to recovery, call us today at 214-368-4132.

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