Bacteria and Biologicals

How long have you been searching for answers to your health issues?
How long have you been struggling to return to a normal lifestyle?
How long have you been trying to regain your former activity level?

The Environmental Health Center –Dallas treats those who have been diagnosed with disease caused by bacteria and biologicals. Have you been diagnosed or had positive lab results for Epstein – Barr virus, Cytomegalovirus, mycoplasma, Lyme, or Candida? Have you had shingles or difficult to eradicate intestinal parasites and bacteria including Proteus, Salmonella, and E Coli?

Past treatment approaches may have been unsuccessful or inadequate. Let us offer you treatment options aimed to succeed because they search for hidden causes and pathogens. Our treatment approaches can succeed because we evaluate the whole person. Your history and physical, past and present laboratory analyses, your exposure history, nutritional history, surgical and environmental history are evaluated for their contribution to your disease process.

Diagnostic tools can include blood analyses to identify the pathogen. Viruses, bacteria and tick borne disease can be evaluated as causes of your symptom response. The immune system, a key to recovery, is analyzed. Gamma globulins, complements, T and B lymphocytes and Natural Killer cells are evaluated.

Stool analyses can provide identification of disease causing pathogens including bacteria, fungus, parasites, and yeast. Comprehensive stool, urine and blood analyses can provide nutritional, metabolic, and digestive information to the physician and staff.

A diagnostic tool frequently employed at the clinic is the Heart Rate Variability Test. This test presents valuable information regarding the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system and their relationship to cardiovascular fitness and health.

Blood tests for venous and arterial blood gases are drawn to evaluate organ health and tissue oxygenation. This test can present the need for the administration of the Von Ardenne method of oxygen therapy. Successful treatment for health issues caused by bacteria and biologicals is enhanced by improving your organ health through tissue oxidation.

Thermography detects areas of potential inflammation. The physician is given another tool as he seeks to direct treatment to the organs or areas involved in the patient’s disease process.

The results of all these tests are correlated. They guide the physician in the creation of a comprehensive treatment plan and in directing treatment into channels of healing. Several treatment approaches are often employed to conquer viruses, bacteria, and biologicals. In many cases these combinations of treatments succeed where other treatments have failed.

Due to our unique production facilities, we can create auto vaccines from blood, sputum, stool, sinus and secretions from other body orifices. These vaccines are proven in their ability to reduce symptom response and eradicate these unwanted visitors.

Provocation and neutralization skin testing under environmentally controlled conditions can be used to evaluate your sensitivity response to many of the bacteria and biologicals associated with your disease process. In some instances individualized treatment antigens can reduce or eliminate these allergic responses to E Coli, Proteus, Candida, and the shingles virus. A bacterial antigen mix (BAM) has been developed to assist you in your effort to conquer bacterial pathogens. The skin testing of this mix serves a two-fold purpose of increasing the strength of your immune system while decreasing any allergic responses to the bacterial pathogens.

All of us are exposed to outdoor and indoor mold. Have you had exposure to toxic molds at home or at work? Are you experiencing sensitivity symptoms from mold? Do you think you could be suffering from exposure to mycotoxins? Do you have repeated sinus and bronchial infections? Have you been evaluated for fungal infections in the sinus, bronchial tubes, and intestinal tract? The Center treats mold sensitivities and fungal infections wherever they occur. Treatment can include skin testing resulting in antigen therapy, medications, auto vaccines, oxygen and treatment to improve the immune system.

The Environmental Health Center is the only place in the world to have the patented, self-derived T lymphocyte biological response modifier (ALF).  It is totally you, the T- lymphocytes having been created by your own body.  In a laboratory setting, your lymphocytes recreate themselves every 24 hours for 1 month.  At the end of this time, the strengthened, more efficient lymphocytes are deemed ready for action.   It is presented to you, tested for proper strength, and taken on a regular schedule by self-administered injection. It is a simple immune tool with powerful capabilities.

The Center also presents options to those whose lab results present gamma globulin deficiencies. In addition to ALF the patients can receive IM or IV gamma globulin. An adequate and effective immune system provides significant assistance to any medication treatment for bacterial and biological infections.

What does your health picture reflect? Are you fatigued and suspect viral infections? Is your immune system overburdened with multiple food, pollen, mold and chemical allergies? Is the functioning of the brain, liver, kidneys, bowel and lungs challenged with a toxic body burden of chemicals or heavy metals? Is your intestinal tract subject to unhealthy flora, yeast and bacteria?

Successful treatment for bacterial and biological infections does not rely on one approach. Treatments can include medications, oxygen therapy, detoxification, nutrient or chelating IV therapy, skin testing with treatment antigens, auto vaccines, gamma globulin and ALF.  Treatment also includes an environment accommodating to your sensitivities, organic food, and filtered or bottled water. Efforts to overcome infection with bacterial and biologicals also include control of what enters the body. Total treatment involves the total you.

The Environmental Health Center-Dallas pledges to determine the needs of the total you and to treat these needs appropriately. We pledge to make every effort to improve total body functioning which will result in symptom reduction and an improvement in your body’s response to viruses, bacteria, biologicals, and unwanted pathogens.

We have assembled a group of physicians and scientists to diagnose and treat the whole patient with environmental sensitivities.

Allow us to initiate your road to recovery.

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