Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Viral Infections

Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, and Viral Infections

The Environmental Health Center-Dallas strives to determine the cause of the fatigue or muscle pain. To understand cause and effect creates effective treatment, promotes a positive attitude toward recovery, and stimulates patient compliance. We investigate causes related to organ functioning and issues related to environmental exposures.

We investigate the functioning of the thyroid and adrenal glands to see if they are the cause of the fatigue. If so, we treat the problem with compounded pure medications. We can skin test a person for any prescribed medication to ensure that it produces no ill effects.

The Environmental Health Center –Dallas is also going to investigate sensitivities or allergies as a cause of fatigue and muscle and joint pain. With preservative free antigens we will determine if any sensitivity to foods, chemicals, pollens, dust, dust mites or molds are responsible for this facet of your illness. If it is found that a correlation exists, you will be treated with antigens which address the specific sensitivity. Avoidance of the offending food or substance can be recommended, and the use of environmental controls to lessen your exposure to the particulate, chemical or allergen can be suggested.

We will determine through laboratory analysis if a toxic body burden is a contributing factor to your fatigue or fibromyalgia. You will be evaluated for heavy metal toxicity and for chemicals which could be stored in tissues or organs including the brain. If these are found, you will be treated with deep heat chamber chemical detoxification and with oral and IV nutrient therapy. IV or oral chelation can also be prescribed. Oxygen therapy is sometimes prescribed to aid the detoxification and organ healing process.

Complete blood count (CBC), comprehensive metabolic profiles (CMP), red blood cell analysis of minerals, and nutritional analysis of vitamin and amino acid levels can be utilized to determine if a nutrient or mineral deficiency is responsible for the fatigue or fibromyalgia. All mineral levels will be evaluated for their adequacy and proper relationship to other nutrients. If deficiencies or dysregulations exist, additional tests can be performed and treatments directed to areas of specific need.

The health of the gastrointestinal tract is assessed for excessive yeast, and for unfriendly bacteria and parasites. Special diets, medications or auto vaccines can be created to aid in correcting the problem.

Laboratory tests can be performed to determine if any replicating virus is contributing to the fatigue. A positive finding can lead to assessment of immune system functioning. Therapies to improve immune response are gamma globulin injections and the self-derived T-lymphocyte biological response modifier. Medications are sometimes utilized. However, herbal remedies are available to treat viral infections due to the adverse responses many persons have to medications.

The Environmental Health Center-Dallas will evaluate your home environment to see if it is contributing to your health issues. Air pump analysis and mold plates are available at the clinic. These allow you to assess the quality of your home air. You will be instructed in the creation of a safe or less toxic home which contains an oasis for healing. This oasis will be an environment which is accommodating to your sensitivities containing only less toxic furnishings with particulate and chemical air purification systems.

The Environmental Health Center-Dallas looks beyond the ordinary to find reasons for illness. We investigate all possibilities which can affect a symptom response. From heredity to home and work environment, from allergen to toxicity, and from immune parameters to nutritional deficiency, assessments will be made. Treat

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