Understanding EMF

Understanding EMF – What it is EMF Sensitivity – Recognition and Treatment

EMF (electromagnetic field) is a physical field produced by electrically charged objects. It affects the behavior of an object present in the field. The field extends outward in space to a distance related to the magnitude of the current flowing through the objects. There exists both an electric field and a magnetic field. The electric field is produced by the stationary charges, and the magnetic field is produced by current in motion.

The earth has a magnetic field. Power lines have magnetic fields. Any appliance which uses a motor and electricity can have both an electric and magnetic field. The distance these fields extend from the source depends on the magnitude of the current and voltage. Thus several high voltage power lines with electricity totaling 765,000 volts can have a magnetic field extending 2500 feet from the lines.

We all enjoy the benefits of electricity. It enables us to cook, to light our path, and use many appliances which make life easier and more enjoyable. It is used in medicine to diagnose and treat injuries and other medical conditions. However, we are electric beings with cellular functions which depend on the flow of charged particles. Cells constantly transmit and receive energy while engaging in their biochemical processes necessary to sustain life. Each type of cell has a frequency range in which it operates. The heart rhythm depends upon electrical stimulus.

The extent to which EMF affects human health varies depending on the physiological history and genetic predisposition of the person. But exposure to changes in the larger fields of the sun, moon and our planet can affect almost every part of our being from head to heart and from head to toe.

Man made electrical fields likewise affect our body. Their effect depends on the strength of the fields, the distance from the source, and the length of the exposure time. Electrical current passing through the body can injure tissue and damage nerve transmission. High power extremely low frequency EM Fields can induce perceivable currents within the body. This exposure can produce tingling and similar unwanted nervous system reactions in the body.

Microwave exposure at low power levels and high frequency are considered harmless to the body. However, there is some debate regarding safe levels. Different standards exist in the United States, Russia and Europe. RF (Radio Frequency) and microwave radiation can create hazardous biological effects due to energy absorption by the body. The eyes and the testis are particularly susceptible to heating by RF energy because of the relative lack of blood flow to dissipate the excessive heat load.

Cell phones produce Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) in the ultra high frequency range or Radio Frequency (RF) range. The radiation emanating from these RF fields can be linked with increased risk of glioma and acoustic neuroma. Until more research is performed in this area the danger and effect of their usage on the body is not completely known. Until thorough, impartial investigation is conducted and conclusive results reached, prudent choices must be made regarding the use of cell phones. Extended use of cell phones held against the ear is not recommended. The use of the speaker for those who regularly use cell phones is certainly recommended. When in use the phone should be placed on a table or surface away from the body. When carried on the body it should never be carried in the chest area or near the groin. Optimally it should be carried in a special protective case on the belt or in the purse. Children with susceptible nervous systems and brains should be instructed and restricted in their use of the phones. The power of electromagnetic energy, whether high or low frequency, must be recognized and respected. Its effect on human life and the functioning of the entire body must be understood. We must take advantage of the positive uses it affords us and recognize the problems it can pose for us, especially those with chemical and heavy metal toxicity, suppressed immune systems, variations in heart rhythm, the young, the old, and the allergic.

Rea et. al. in a double blind study showed that certain individuals can be extremely sensitive to EMF. The participants in the study experienced symptoms involving the nervous system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, and gastrointestinal system. Some participants reported ocular and dermal symptoms, but the most prevalent symptoms reported were neurological. Sensitivity of these individuals can be correlated with excessive or prolonged exposure to EMF or RF fields. Lab analyses frequently showed these individuals to have a toxic body burden of chemicals or heavy metals. EMF sensitivity is a real disease.

Our society is becoming increasingly dependent upon electronics. We are covering the earth with power sources, power transmission lines, and cell phone transmission towers. Knowledge and understanding of EMF is becoming increasingly necessary for maintaining health.

You can be aware of excessive exposure to EMF by being knowledgeable regarding the nearness of high voltage power lines, substations, and cell phone towers. Correct choice of wiring composition and placement of wiring in the home is important. It is beneficial to the health of a home and its inhabitants to understand the impact of improper placement and grounding of electric wiring.

If electric wiring touches or follows metal water pipes, stray electricity can develop. Stray electricity is an electric current which has strayed from its intended path into undesirable areas sometimes creating elevated levels of EMF. Buried underground cables can become old, and insulation can erode away. This can allow voltage to escape or leave the wires and its intended path, and search, find, and injure those who come in contact with it. Objects can also penetrate underground cables allowing electricity to find metal objects, sidewalks, you, your pets and children. Stray electricity can be a problem for homeowners and neighborhoods. If problems are suspected, immediate measures should be taken to prevent injury.

Voltage requirements of electric appliances should be monitored in order to make healthy, economical choices when purchasing this equipment. Be aware of the possible damage to health of susceptible individuals from the use of RF devices such as cell phones and Wi-Fi.

The Environmental Health Center-Dallas is one of the only clinics in the world to both recognize and treat Electromagnetic Field Sensitivity. Let EHC-D reduce and remove your symptoms of EMF. Let us assist you in learning to live in a world dependant on electrical energy. Let us provide you with tools and recommendations to reduce EMF and RF exposure in your home. Let us assist you in the creation of a healthy work station involving computers and printers.

EHC-D does have treatments and information to enable you to enjoy a healthy relationship with EMF.

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