EMF Sensitivity

Do you experience symptoms when exposed to power lines, television sets, computers, cell phones, Smart meters, Wifi, and antennas?

Do your symptoms include heart rate irregularities, fatigue, headache, tingling, dizziness, chest pain, nausea, skin sensitivity, eye irritation, muscle aches, chronic fatigue, memory loss and confusion?

You may have Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Sensitivity.

The Environmental Health Center-Dallas is one of the few clinics in the world which recognizes and treats Electromagnetic Field Sensitivity. We are a world leader in the research, study, and treatment of the effect of electromagnetic fields on patients.

The conformation of the effect of electric magnetic energy was established in a double-blind study performed in 1991 by Dr. Wm. Rea, et. al. The study consisted of four phases to insure accuracy of data. The first phase determined that extraneous EMF would not interfere with the test. The second phase of this 4 phase study involved 100 patients who complained of EMF sensitivity. This single blind test involved a challenge to a series of fields ranging from 0 to 5 MHz in frequency, plus 5 blank challenges. This phase revealed 25 patients who were sensitive to the fields, but not to the blanks. In the 3 phase these 25 proven EMF patients were compared to 25 healthy volunteer controls in a double-blind challenge. None of the volunteers reacted to any challenge, but 16 of the 25 or 64% had positive signs and symptoms, plus autonomic nervous system changes as revealed in changes in pupillary responses to light. In the fourth phase the 16 EMF sensitive patients were rechallenged twice to the frequencies to which they were most sensitive during the previous challenge. The active frequency was found to be positive in 100% of the challenges. All of the placebo tests were negative.

This provides strong evidence to the fact that electromagnetic field sensitivity exists and under environmentally controlled conditions can be shown to create symptom responses in patients with EMF sensitivity.

The Environmental Health Center-Dallas understands the cause and can offer treatment for the symptoms you experience when exposed to differing wavelength and strengths of electric fields. The center can perform tests to show that a person does have sensitivity to EMF as reflected in responses to specific MHz. Autonomic nervous system changes are shown to exist as heart rate variability whichis measured by new technology during the test.

The EHC-D treats patients who show EMF sensitivity. The symptom is not treated. The cause of the sensitivity issue to EMF is treated. A series of laboratory analyses are conducted. These include tests for chlorinated pesticides, aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons, heavy metal toxicity, immune dysregulation, neurotransmitter irregularities, and tissue oxygen deprivation. Skin testing of metals, foods, chemicals, inhalants, and neurotransmitters are performed. Environmental evaluations of home and work including exposures to chemicals, metals and EMF are accomplished. Through these thorough investigations the cause of the sensitivity is discovered. Then the patient is enrolled in the treatment programs which are related to the probable cause of the problem. In many cases toxic body burden is found to be a central issue in the patient’s sensitivity.

The EHC-D is perfectly suited for this treatment. The air is filtered of particulates and chemicals. The construction of the clinic with tile floors and porcelain on steel walls provides some protection from EMF intrusion. The furnishings of solid wood or metal with organic fabrics protect against chemical contamination. EMF exposure inside the treatment rooms is kept to a minimum.

Treatments which occur in this setting provide high rates of success. If you are experiencing symptoms of EMF sensitivity contact the experts in the field and the leaders in the treatment of EMF sensitivity

If you are interested in reviewing the study described herein, please contact 1-800-428-2343. If you are interested in treatment, please contact the Center at 214-368-4132.

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