Exposure to Mold Can Be a Dangerous Exposure

Mold and how it affects the body

Mold exposure is exposure to an allergen and can affect sinuses, ears, throat, and lungs.
A mold is a tiny simple-cell organism with no leaves, stems or flowers.  They do not grow their own food; they have no green coloring matter or chlorophyll, but depend on plants, animals or decaying vegetable matter for their food.

Mold exposure is exposure to a chemical (mycotoxin) which can affect heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, immune system, brain, and almost every cell in the body.
A mycotoxin is fat soluble and is absorbed by the intestinal lining, skin and through inhalation.
A mycotoxin is toxic to vertebrates or to humans.
A mycotoxin is similar in chemical structure to ketones, aldehydes, alcohols, and aromatic and aliphatic compounds.

Mold exposure can be life threatening.
Therefore, get the facts.
Get the complete, concise and correct information.

Identification and count of molds present in your home.
Identification and amount of mycotoxins present in your body.
Evaluation and treatment of mold allergy.
Evaluation and treatment of mycotoxins present in the body.

Why is it necessary to be evaluated, tested and treated by an experienced physician in an established clinical setting?

Below is a list of molds, their mycotoxins and their health effects.



Health Effects   

Aspergillus flavus

Aflatoxin B1

caustic to mucous membranes
Vascular fragility

Cladosporium spp.

Epicladosporic acid



Fusaric acid, T-2

deadly lung toxin


Ochratoxin A

nephron-hepato-toxin, carcinogenic

Stachybotrys chartarum


high dose/chronic low dose is lethal


Gliotoxin, T-2 toxin

immune suppression
Lung toxin, GI tract toxin

These are only a few of the molds, the 400 mycotoxins, and the health effects which can be created by exposure.

Mold exposure is exposure to an allergen and to a chemical.
Mold exposure can be dangerous to your health.

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