Fluoride can be found in drinking water, toothpaste and other dental treatments. It was added to municipal water supplies to prevent tooth decay.

However, in elevated levels it can cause:

  • discolorations on the teeth
  • weakened bones especially in the hips
  • kidney problems especially in those with kidney disease

Fluorosis is seen in 41% of teens and children. Fluorosis is a condition in which fluoride becomes stored in certain areas of the brain lowering the IQ of those involved.

  • 50% of ingested fluoride is deposited in the bones of children.
  • 10% of ingested fluoride is stored in the bones of adults.
  • 99% of the fluoride goes down the drain into the environment.

This information seems to point to the fact that the population is getting too much fluoride as we are getting it in toothpaste, dental treatments and in water. (This data can be found on the website Health Research Foundation.org.) In addition it is used in the glass manufacturing industry and in the steel, iron, and aluminum industries.

The Environmental Health Center-Dallas can perform blood and urine tests to determine if you have experienced an acute or chronic exposure to fluoride and have unsafe levels of fluoride in the body.

Some individuals can have a hypersensitivity reaction to fluoride. The Center can skin test you for fluoride sensitivity. Treatment can be in the form of avoidance or in neutralizing antigens to reduce sensitivity responses.

Fluoride and the link to Hypothyroidism – A Letter to the American Thyroid Association

Specially designed filters can remove approximately 85% of the fluoride from your drinking water. The CWR Enviro Imperial Ultra-Ceramic Filter with MetalGon can remove most of the fluoride. In addition to fluoride this filter removes chloramine, parasites, chlorine and heavy metals.

The Environmental Health Center-Dallas urges you to either purchase glass bottled spring water or use a filter such as the type mentioned herein. This filter meets the strict quality standards set by the Environmental Health Center-Dallas. Contact the Environmental Health Center-Dallas Store for more information at 214-368-4132.

Let the Environmental Health Center-Dallas solve your problem with fluoride exposure or sensitivity.

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