Fracking in the News

Changes in Water Chemistry Near Fracking Sites

A recent study of West Texas groundwater found that the chemistry of the water changed after nearby fracking occurred. The study found changes in pH and inorganic chemical levels. It found increases in levels of bromine, and solvents and other chemicals were also detected.

Water is part of our lifeblood. We do not want to wonder if the water in our tap is safe to drink. Does it present any risk to my health? Does the risk increase with continued consumption?

Call the American Environmental Health Foundation at 1-800-428-2343 or 214-361-9515 for water purification needs.

Health Problems in People Who Live Close to Fracking Wells

Area newspapers are citing academic studies which show fracking used in oil production can adversely affect the health of those in close proximity to the wells. Health issues noted are headaches, dizziness and difficulty breathing. Health problems are also being noted in pets and cattle who live in close proximity to the fracking.

The Environmental Health Center-Dallas can perform laboratory analyses with breath, blood and urine to determine if you have been exposed to and absorbed toxic metals and chemicals used in this process.

If you are experiencing unexplained symptoms, and you live in close proximity to the wells, we can investigate this process as a possible cause of your health problems. If interested, please contact 214-373-5146.

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