Immune Boosters

Help for Lyme and chronic viral infection:

  • Autogenous Lymphocytic Factor (ALF)
    The Environmental Health Center – Dallas has been working for years on an immune booster made out of the patients’ own blood. This eliminates the threat of disease that could be picked up from other processes that are not from placenta or other parts of the human. We have a patent on this process so it will be with us for a long period of time. We have now used this substance with 1000 patients who had immune suppression with low T-cells, CD3, CD4, and CD8. The majority of these patients have done well and have improved or gotten totally well. The patients had hypersensitivity to chemicals which was destroying their T-cells. Nothing could bring the T-cells to normal until this substance was given. Energy and resistance both improved with this substance we grew. These usually are accompanied by sensitivities to mold, food, and sometimes EMF. The treatment for the chemical problem also at times has to accompany precise injections of foods, molds, and biological inhalants 2 times a day.
  • Gammaglobulin
    Another immune modulator, either gammaglobulin #1,2,3,4 was also found to be deficient in some patients with chemical sensitivity. This deficiency can be corrected by avoidance of incitants and replacement of the gammaglobulin once per week for 1-3 months. This gammaglobulin replacement often must be replaced with treatment of mold, inhalant and food injections two times per week. Periodic checks for recurrent deficiencies every 6 months should be done.
    We now have over 500 patients who have received gammaglobulin who have done very well with few to no complications.

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