Immune Dysregulation

Immune dysregulation can be a result of sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies or toxic exposure. We do extensive evaluation for immune suppression and dysregulation.
This evaluation includes analyses of:

  • Total T- and B- lymphocytes
  • T helper and T Suppressor ratios
  • NK cells
  • Total complements
  • Complement C3 and C4.

Lab analyses of:

  • Total IgG
  • IgG subclasses 1, 2, 3, 4
  • IgA and IgM are also performed.

These laboratory results can direct treatments of the immune system to areas of greatest need. Treatments can include:

  • IM or IV gamma globulin
  • Autogenous Lymphocytic Factor (ALF).

Treatment with gamma globulin can be advisable for those with deficiencies in IgG subclasses 1, 2, 3, 4 or in total IgG or IgM.

The self-derived T-lymphocyte immune booster/regulator may be useful in modulating immune responses. It is created from your own T-lymphocytes which are placed in cell culture for 2-6 weeks. During this time the weak lymphocytes die and the healthy become robust due to cell cycle replication which occurs every 24 hours. At just the correct time, the lymphocytes are harvested, and presented to you in the form of a small subcutaneous injection.

  • Treatment with ALF can normalize the activity of T-lymphocytes
  • Can lessen hypersensitivity responses
  • Can aid the function of T-suppressor lymphocytes
  • Can boost immunological activities against pathogens
  • Can train your lymphocytes to respond correctly when challenged by pathogens.

Why are these lab analyses and treatments important?

  • This is your shield against allergens, chemicals, pathogens, bacteria and viruses.
  • This is your defense against the seen and unseen.
  • This can be the difference between illness and health.
  • This can be the road to recovery from disease and sensitivities.

To read and understand more about ALF, contact the American Environmental Health Foundation and obtain:

  • Article 73, “The Role of T-Lymphocytic Cell Cycle and an Autogenous Lymphocytic Factor in Clinical Medicine”
  • Article 69, “T- & B-Lymphocytes in Chemically Sensitive Patients with Toxic Volatile Organic Hydrocarbons in Their Blood”.

Let the Environmental Health Center-Dallas open the door to your recovery.

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