LDA versus EHC-D Skin Testing and Immunotherapy

LDA is low dose allergen.

  • It is a treatment for allergies to molds, pollens, foods and other incitants.
  • It is patterned after Enzyme Potentiated Desensitization
  • It uses extremely dilute allergens.
  • The allergens are mixed together with an enzyme beta glucaronidase which acts as an agent to activate T suppressor cells.
  • The amount given is predetermined as part of the therapy. It is not based on skin testing
  • It is given once every 2 months
  • A strict diet is required for a short time before and after the injection.
  • Injections are given once every 2 months.

EHC-D allergy testing and treatment.

  • Nothing is mixed with the allergen except normal saline.
  • In many cases only one item is in the testing solution, example beef or cladosporium fulvum, a mold.  In some instances several trees or several weeds are mixed together to skin test.
  • Allergy shots are self-injected every 4 days.
  • The treatment dose depends entirely on your skin testing of the item.
  • The treatment dose is a dose to which you have shown no skin or symptom response.

This testing is called provocative neutralization because you are challenged with a stronger, not dangerous, dose and given progressively weaker dilutions until you show no skin or symptom response. This is your individualized treatment dose to this specific allergen. It does not change until skin testing would indicate a change.


LDA uses many allergens mixed together with beta glucaronidase.
In many cases EHC-D mixes one item with nothing but normal saline.
Treatment dose is predetermined and is standard in LDA.
EHC-D uses skin testing of individual items to achieve a specific individualized treatment dose.
LDA is given every 2 months.
EHC-D therapy is on an every 4-day schedule and is self-injected.
Special diet is required before and after each LDA injection.
Any special diet for any patient is dictated by skin testing results.
Sensitivity to each individual item or food is established through skin testing.
LDA does not establish sensitivity to individual items.
Low Dose Allergen is an established protocol and is very dilute or contains very little of any allergen.
The dilution of any treatment solution is determined through individualized testing of each item and can be a different strength for each item.

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