Medical Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging

Medical Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (Thermography)

Another diagnostic tool used by the Environmental Health Center-Dallas in disease prevention and in the creation of treatment protocols is this infrared imaging known as Thermography. This service is provided to all who are interested in early detection of potential health problems and in strategies for the creation of a healthier lifestyle.

Thermography is a sophisticated clinical imaging tool which records thermal changes in skin temperature. It is safe for women with mastectomies, implants, and can be performed on all ages. It identifies physiological changes in the body at the cellular level. It detects skin temperature variances caused by new blood vessel growth reflecting possible predisposition to cancer, hormonal changes, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, musculoskeletal changes and soft tissue injury.

It can be used to screen for headaches, neck and back problems, digestive disorders, thyroid disorders, sinus infections and lung abnormalities. Thermal imaging can examine as few as 256 cells to detect cellular changes. This provides an advantage over conventional anatomical imaging which requires over one billion cells for detection and can occur 8-9 years in the future. This provides the physician with a diagnostic tool to aid disease prevention, to treat or further evaluate thermography findings, and to change diet or environment to create a healthier lifestyle. It allows the physician to evaluate his treatment protocols and their effectiveness as thermography can be repeated as often as desired without any health risk.

The Environmental Health Center-Dallas is proud to be able to offer this diagnostic tool to you. Early detection of disease or areas of concern can afford early therapies. Repeated evaluations enable treatment success to be evaluated.

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