Medication Sensitivities

A medication is a substance used in treating disease or in relieving pain. Medication can be prescribed to treat disease or illness occurring internally or on the skin. Medication can be taken orally, rectally, transdermally, or can be administered by IV.

Some individuals possess sensitivity to one specific medication. This usually isn’t a severe problem, as another effective medication can usually be substituted. However, there are some individuals who have intolerance to many medications. This creates severe treatment issues and jeopardizes the health and recovery of the patient.

The sensitive individual may try to substitute treatment in the form of herbs, vitamins, minerals or homeopathic remedies. In many cases these substitutions do not affect a successful resolution to the problem. The hypersensitive individual also can find that they are equally sensitive to the substitute treatments.

Another problem can arise if the medication is the best prescribed treatment for the particular disease or illness. The physician and patient then have the difficult choice of using a medication which can create hypersensitive reactions which cause the condition of the patient to deteriorate. The use of the medication may need to be stopped to prevent further complications in the condition of the patient. Then the search begins for an alternative medication or treatment.

The Environmental Health Center-Dallas can offer assistance in the solution to these problems.

The Environmental Health Center-Dallas can:

  • Skin test and treat the patient for their sensitivity to a particular medication.
  • Skin test other medications to find an acceptable non-reactive alternative.
  • Skin test herbal remedies to assist in finding alternative treatments if this is required.
  • Skin test vitamin and minerals to aid in the patient’s recovery.
  • Skin test any preservatives or additives present in a particular medication which could be the cause of the patient’s intolerance.
  • Skin test and treat any food from which the medication is derived.

The sensitivity countering neutralizing doses obtained through the intradermal skin testing of medications, preservatives, additives, and foods could enable the physician to prescribe the medication of choice.

The treatment of these sensitivities could enable the sensitive patient to tolerate the prescribed medication.

The answers provided through intradermal skin testing as to the sensitivities to the additives and preservatives in a medication could enable the medication of choice to be compounded without these substances and tolerated by the patient.

The countering neutralizing doses can allow the use of other forms of treatment alternatives, those being herbs, vitamins, minerals or immune support.

From Medication Hypersensitivities to Treatment Success

The Environmental Health Center-Dallas strives to:

  • Recognize sensitivities involved in medication usage.
  • Solve hypersensitivity issues to medications and succeed in the treatment of those with medication hypersensitivities.

The Environmental Health Center-Dallas can enable physician and hypersensitive patient to use effective medication choices in the treatment of disease and pain.

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