Mold Exposure Can Cause Allergic Responses

EHC-D is the best choice for treatment of mold illness.

  • Mold exposure occurs inside and outdoors.
  • Mold exposure can cause allergic responses.
  • Mold exposure can cause significant symptoms.
  • Mold exposure can create serious illness.
  • Mold exposure can affect organs and cause damage.


To successfully treat mold exposure one must completely and accurately evaluate all organ systems.

  • The presence of mycotoxins in the body must be determined.
  • The allergic responses to the molds and mycotoxins must be assessed.
  • The systems affected must be identified and their function evaluated.


  • Treatment is formulated from information provided by skin, blood and urine tests.
  • Treatment is based on the history and the symptomatology of the patient.
  • Treatment is correlated with the sensitivities of the patient.
  • Treatment is administered in accordance with the organ function of the patient.
  • Treatment is multifaceted including: intradermal skin testing, deep heat chamber depuration, IV therapy, oxygen therapy, oral nutrient therapy, ozone therapy, immune-therapy, and treatment directed at brain retraining.
  • Treatment is provided to protect and improve the health of the patient.

Do not compromise your treatment.
Do not compromise your future.

EHC-D is the best choice for creating a path to health.

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