Mold Exposure: Skin Testing and Treatment

Why are skin testing and treatment important to the treatment of mold exposure?
Why is it important to treat the sensitivity response of your body to mold?

Mold is an allergen and causes an immune system response.
This sensitivity response can lead to irritation and infection.

Mold exposure can progress from a sensitivity response to infection requiring other treatment interventions. This sensitivity can increase from a response to two or three molds to which you have been exposed to several common indoor and outdoor molds.

Irritation increases, symptoms increase, and infections needing additional treatment can increase.

The immune system can now be required to deal with an infection and a sensitivity response.

The skin testing provides an individualized, accurate treatment:
for the molds to which you have been exposed,
for the molds you encounter every day.

The skin testing and treatment prevents an increase of sensitivity to other indoor and outdoor molds.
The skin testing and treatment prevents an increase in symptom response.
The skin testing and treatment prevents a further challenge to the immune system.

The purpose of skin testing is to derive immunotherapy.
The purpose of immunotherapy is to:
lessen the allergic response of the immune system,
strengthen the viral and bacterial ability of your immune response,
initiate your road to recovery.
The purpose of immunotherapy is recovery of your health.

To recover from mold exposure, you need a strong immune system, one that is totally devoted to recovery, not to fighting sensitivity responses.

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