Be Smart in the Usage of Your Cell Phone

Distance does matter
Distance in storage and in usage

Cell phone usage has not been definitely linked to any specific health problem. However, research is ongoing and results are inconclusive. Be smart and protect yourself from increased exposure to radio frequency radiation.

In use or in storage, keeping the cell phone at a safe distance from your body does matter. This does vary from one cell phone model to another. Information is available for each phone. At all times an IPhone 7 should be kept 5 mm away from your body. A Samsung Galaxy S6 should be kept at least 1.5 mm away from the body, and a Google Pixel 1 cm or .4 of an inch away from the body.

For protection from radio frequency waves of cell phones, limit your time on the cell phone. Use your speaker or a headset while conversing on the cell phone. Use care when the cell phone signal is weak. It emits more radiation when the signal is weak. Avoid using the cell phone in enclosed areas such as buses, cars, trains and planes. The signal is weak in these enclosed areas, and the radiation is greater. Avoid using the cell phone in congested areas where a number of people are using cell phones.

Distance does matter
One dish on a cell phone tower pointing toward your home can emit radio frequency waves for 1/4 of a mile. Distance of exposure is increased with each dish which is pointed in a specific direction.

Distance in storage does matter
  • When the cell phone is turned on, it should not be kept in your pocket or your bra.
  • Keep it in a cell phone carrier in your purse or on your belt.

If you sensitive to the use of cell phones or radio frequency, please contact EHCD for treatment at 214/373-5146.

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