Stop Global Wifi

Take Action: Don’t let corporate greed wreck your family’s health!

Technologists and technology corporations are pushing to saturate your home, community, and car with radiation from “wireless” technology-in complete disregard of the known health hazards.

Radiation emitted by wireless technology (such as from mobile phones and WiFi) is known to cause a variety of symptoms – including headache, sleepiness, cognitive impairment, fatigue, depression, anxiety, facial flushing, skin rash, asthma, cardiac arrhythmia, easy bruising, infertility, insomnia, neurological disease and cancers (breast, lung, brain, lymphoma, leukemia, melanoma, and others).

Numerous telecom and technology corporations are planning to blanket the globe with the body-penetrating radio frequency (RF) and microwave (MW) radiation utilized by wireless technology in order to rake in more profit by ensuring that you can watch cat videos from anywhere on the planet. Eight companies are planning to launch more than 11,000 satellites for global WiFi coverage.

Projects to launch and periodically replace thousands of satellites to blanket the earth with radiation to provide worldwide Internet would also destroy ozone and worsen climate change due to the rocket emissions of black soot from so many rockets. Combined with the detrimental environmental effects RF radiation has on both flora and fauna, including bees, these global wireless projects are predicted to lead to environmental devastation and even widespread starvation.

Telecom/technology companies have been scheming for years to make money off a technology that, while perceived as “cool” (Who doesn’t want to have a Star Trek communicator?), is actually extremely unsafe in the real world.

Here is some history you may not be aware of. In 1993, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wrote a scathing criticism of the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC’s) proposed RF/MW radiation limits. In June 1995, the EPA announced to the FCC that it would be releasing its own RF/MW radiation safety limits in early 1996. An internal EPA memorandum regarding a meeting with the FCC and the NTIA makes it clear that the EPA was also initiating a process to develop initial regulations pertaining to chronic RF/MW radiation exposures and non-thermal RF/MW radiation effects within a two-year time frame. Obviously, this was viewed as a threat to telecom and technology industries, because on September 13, 1995 the EPA Radiation Division that drafted the regulations to protect the public from harmful EMF (electromagnetic fields, including RF/MW) radiation exposure was de-funded by the Senate Appropriations Committee, which also wrote, “The Committee believes EPA should not engage in EMF activities”.

In 1996, Telecom industry lobbyists succeeded in getting The 1996 Telecommunications Act passed. This Act prohibited states, municipalities, and citizens from objecting to the placement and construction of wireless communications facilities (antennas) for reasons of health or the environment and assigned the FCC to be the sole regulator of “safety” related to wireless RF/MW radiation-emitting technology.

Why was this done? Because vocal, educated citizens had been thwarting industry plans to irradiate every person and every thing with the RF/MW radiation utilized by wireless technology. These citizens showed planning and zoning committees the extensive literature documenting negative biological effects of exposure to RF/MW radiation, and the committees did their job and denied permits.

These corrupt moves by Congress in 1995 and 1996 have cost lives and jeopardize your family’s health today!

The corruption continues. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences has yet to release the results of the completed toxicology study which assessed the cancer risk and some biological effects of wireless radiation in lab animals. According to Microwave News, “Pilot NTP experiments found that rats did respond to both GSM and CDMA cell phone radiation. Those exposed before and after birth gained weight more slowly. The exposure levels were higher than those normally associated with cell phones and Wi-Fi, but close enough to challenge the widely-held view that wireless radiation is harmless. Importantly, the observed effects were dose-dependent.Yet, these results have still not been released publicly, allowing the FCC to continue to promote dangerous wireless technology!

What can you do now?

  1. Share this page with as many people and organizations as you can!
  2. File an Informal Objection to plans by Google and SpaceX to irradiate the whole country.

Use this template to object to Google’s project and this template to object to SpaceX’s project. Personalize the letter with your own experience. Both short messages and longer letters would be helpful. Let the FCC know that you strongly object to this project and why. GUARDS’ Informal Objection to SpaceX’s project can be found at and to Google’s project can be found at

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