Two North Texas Families Suing Oil & Gas Companies

Two North Texas Families Suing Oil and Gas Companies for the Effects of Fracking

Two families in rural North Texas are suing the oil and gas companies. One family experienced a bad smell in the home with methane erupting from a shower head and burning skin upon contact with the water in their home. The other family had an explosion in their water well housing which injured several members of the family.

The state’s oil and gas regulator, the Texas Railroad Commission, said the water in the home in which the smell of rotten eggs appeared contained methane and benzene and could cause an explosion. Methane gas was also linked to the explosion of the water well housing.

A study at the University of Texas at Arlington saw a link between water well contamination and hydraulic fracking. The UTA scientists said that water samples throughout the Barnett Shale showed elevated levels of toxic chemicals.

The Environmental Health Center can perform blood tests to determine if you have levels of toxic chemicals stored in your blood. They can also assist you with water and air filtration.

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